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I am NIki Takehiko, Milan based Japanese Photographer.  


I was born in Hokkaido island, It is located next to Siberia, very cold and lots of nature.   I left my home town when I was 15 years old for attending a boarding school for academical preparation.   I was almost genius kid, so i decided to leave my town. Obviously my hometown's main industry is agriculture.

Academical competition at boarding school, La Salle High in Hakodate, was bitter.  Then I started to watch movies, and write poems, the beginning as an artist.

When I was a Journalism student at Sophia University in Tokyo, I started to do photography.   I found out that I preferred to do visual things than writing.   Even more that's when I realized that I was insane enough to be an artist.

After I got Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, I flew to New York City.   I Studied photography on the street, and at F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology), S.V.A. (School of Visual Art) and so on.   At the same time I started to work as a professional photographer.   I stayed this crazy energetic city for almost 6 years.

I traveled a lot, and I discovered that Italy made me feel so nice and healthy.   Year 2000, I moved in Milan.

I am still in Milan, and I am happy about that.   I think there is something common between my home town in Hokkaido island and the country side of Milan.

2004, I walked 800km for Pilgrimage of Camino de Santiago.    2007, I received Catholic baptism, and I chose my catholic name as Francesco.   2013, I got married with a Woman from Siberia.   2016, I Published a Photo book "Portraits of Angels".   2017, I became a Father… 

The life is short. Time flies...

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