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Amazing grace (1999)

--The Street(Venice)-- A rainy day in this city... The wet streets seemed to falling in the sea.

—Sandra(Venice)-- I met you on the street in Venice. I felt nostalgia for you somehow. But we just met a few minutes before! Who are you,Sandra? You must be very important person for me.

--A shadow picture(Aushwitz,Poland)— What a beatiful shadow picture! I took some photos of it. Then,I saw it again carefully. Oh my god,,,the star of david is on fire.

window(Aushwitz,Poland)— I imagined how was the view from this window. I got the shivers in my back.

--Sleep with frirends(Prague)— They are piling up themselves and sleep together. All Jewish in this city come here eventually.

Flowers(Aushwitz,Poland)-- These flowers don't care about the history. At this death camp,they gave me some hope.

—Natsuko(Tokyo)-- How's your world? After you left this world, I had to think about many things.

—Berlin-- They are trying to unite these two cities. They need a big operation,but it is not so hard to do it,I guess. Because it was one city,before….right?

--The Street(Moscow)— The scenery of Eastan Europe matches well with photography. This street,streetlights,a car....everything is so sentimental for me.

--The Metro Station(Moscow)— Incredibly a long long escalator. The metro station in Moscow used to be a nuclear shelter.

--Higher!!!(New York)— I could capture him like this because he stopped in a moment in the air. He isn't afraid at all when he jumps. That is a little diffrent from other dancers.

--The Prayer(Jerusalem)— Something like white energy came down to me, and covered me and huged me with great love. I had never been relaxed and peaceful like that. What was this white thing? Probably it was something that they call-God-.

--The Street(Jerusalem)— When I see this picture, I always feel like I am entering into this street.

--A girl in the church(Jerusalem)— -Where are you from?- She could understand what I said in English and answered,-Russia-. That is the only thing we talked.

--The light(St.Pietro,Rome)— Look!! A crowd of peple is so small,,,,, if you compare with this church and this light. I feel the old wisdom from this architecture. Humans are not so big.

--The Crying Madonna(Jerusalem)— Hey,Madonna! You got a chakra!!! You know what? Budda has one,too. I didn't see this light when I took this picture. I couldn't see it maybe because I cried too much in front of her. Or it was just happened accidentally,or maybe a miracle.

--Vibration(New York)— When he dances,he moves the air of the whole theater. -How do you make this vibration?-I asked. He said ,-No Niki,The air moves me.-

--The Water(the Nile,Egypt)— I am sorry about this boring picture. Just Water,,,but it was so rich and pure. I wanted to say -thank you- to this water.

--Dancing to the moon(Tokyo)— She speaks 4 languages,however she can't express everything by words. She told me that's why she dances. Oh yeah,I understand what you mean,I am speachless for your dance.

--The night of silence (the Red Sea)-- Niki,you traveled a lot. Where was the most beautiful place so far?- I always answer simply -the Red Sea-. But don't forget to bring your bible when you go.

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